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The Revamp of the Blog

So, I was thinking. I want to revamp this blog. It’s not that I’m not proud of some of the stuff I’ve posted, or that I want to change my intentions for it completely, it’s just that I want to hone in and clarify the things that I want to write about, and how I want to write them.

So here’s the thing. I’m a young teenager who’s always enjoyed writing. I’m still figuring out sentence structure and how to spell, and because of that I can hardly look back at my old posts, which are riddled with grammatical errors, their there and they’re mixups, and run-on sentences (much like this one). Every time I hit the “publish” button on the WordPress site after I finish a post, I instantly cringe, knowing that future me will regret it. Most of the posts that I upload are school assignments that I’ve liked the end results of.  All of that being said, I started this blog to “get better at writing over the summer”, and even though it’s been two years since I wrote that goal, I still have the same intentions.

I want to write posts for this blog as a young human being that is figuring out both grammar and the world. I want to improve my writing and write about what I’m passionate about, and maybe have a few people read it (though, let’s be honest. The idea of people reading the stuff I write kind of gives me a panic attack). I want to learn to deal with the fact that I will regret most of the posts I publish, and that all of the stuff that I’ve written in the past is not worded as eloquently as I would like now, but was just fine then, because I’m learning.

So join me in growing up and developing my writer’s voice.

Damn it, I regret it already.


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