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Maker Faire Pittsburgh 2015

Maker faireMy mom and I recently went to the Maker Faire Pittsburgh at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. We went not quite sure what to expect, but ended up really enjoying it. The basic idea is to have a fair where “makers” from all over come and show what they create. The creations went from blown glass, felted wool and movie prosthetics to 3-d printers, musical robots and chain link. There were people from school districts around Pittsburgh talking about maker projects their student were doing and ladies that were organizing a public art installation called Pop des Fleurs. The diversity in makers sparked a conversation on the ride home about what a maker is and how so many people can and love to make but never actually do.

We naturally gravitated towards the more artistic parts of the faire but I really enjoyed how some of the makers combined science, art, and technology to make something new and interesting. Because I know so little about how technology works, it was fascinating to see and hear about different complex inventions. Over all, it was a very cool experience and I look forward to going next year.


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