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Book Ramble: Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli

IMG_0532   To start off, I don’t read a lot of realistic fiction books. When I do, I’m not normally blown away by them or even remember them. Stargirl is different. It takes place in the small, new town of Mica, Arizona. Leo, the main character goes to the only high school in town, Mica High. At Mica High everyone is the same. They like the same things, wear the same clothes, listen to the same music and live the same lifestyle. Until Stargirl.

Stargirl isn’t like anyone this mundane town has ever known. She does everything differently and doesn’t care what her peers think. She cheers for the other team at the football and basketball games. She sings and plays happy birthday to kids in the lunchroom on their birthdays. She sends cards to the people that have their birthday or wedding in the news paper. She dresses differently. She gives everyone a chocolate on valentines day and christmas. She is Incredibly kind and unselfish. Leo has a huge crush on her.

I loved this book! The plot and dialogue was believable and interesting and it has a great theme, that it’s good to be different. If you haven’t read it, I would highly suggest it, even if you don’t normally like this genre. Even though I’ve made it sound like a romance, it’s not. I’m going to give spoilers in the rest of this post so if you haven’t read it, stop now and happy reading!


I don’t know how to write a non-spoilers section so I’m just going to write down what I thought about it. I obviously really loved Stargirl herself, how she was so incredibly kind. I thought how the author wrote about the school’s reaction was very clever, because it felt really natural. I also really liked that her parents where fairly normal because it showed that Stargirl wasn’t some magical creature, that she was a real human being. It made her feel real. I liked that they mentioned she changes her name. I loved the speech contest and I would love to actually listen to the speech.

I also really liked Archie, how he kept all the fossils from his paleontologist days and how he held the class on Saturday for the boys. It was clever how he had a good relationship with both Leo and Stargirl and how they didn’t know it until they talked to him about each other. I Ioved how he listened and gave advice to everyone, even if the advice was given in riddles. And I loved the rituals he developed with Señor Saguaro.

As for the ending, I didn’t mind it. I loved the Ocotillo Ball, how she show up in a dress that was very Stargirl. And how she lead the whole school in the bunny hop. I was okay with them never seeing her again though I did talk to a few other people about the end and they didn’t like it as much. I thought the MORE THAN STARS part in the back was really good. I talked to someone about it and they saw references to the bible in the book and though I didn’t see it right away, I see it now.

I haven’t read the other book, Love, Stargirl but I’d like to. I hope I didn’t use the words “l really loved” or “I liked” to much in this review. Anyway, I hoped you enjoyed this review and tell me, did you like the ending?


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